Drawing Works of Nature

Fine Art by Barbara Gurry Rowell

An Unexpected Visit

fullsizerender-2Unexpected,  she was waiting for me when I arrived at my studio.  Her sweetness and soft pastel hues made me smile. Hurry, I thought to myself she will fly aware, but she stayed waiting with patience  while I gathered my pen and paper. To my surprise this sometimes annoying bird radiated a gentle and sweet calm.  My hurry turned to tranquility as I finished her portrait.  I thanked her as she raised her wings and flew into the vast blue sky.


The Belted Kingfisher

Looking for shorebirds to draw I found instead a handsome kingfisher.

Rose Found a Home


Sometimes the home your artwork finds is one grand feeling. My Rose sold to Rose to give to Rose her granddaughter. Rose was the family’s name passed on thru several generations.  How sweet it is that my Rose sold to a family of Roses.

Elegant Grace



Elegant grace

Strolling  thru the gardens I met up with her.  Poised and graceful she stood with feathers sparkling like a finely made exotic costume.  With confident elegance she began dancing to her music, and then, she was still and I knew what I wanted to capture while drawing Grace.


Five Hundred Small Steps


Yes, it might be a cliché the small steps analogy but today I say YEAH to small steps. Reaching 500 likes on my word press blog is special, so thanks all my likers I greatly appreciate it.

Lo and Behold

#shorebird drawing

Lo and behold, “the sparkling  crowned egret” moved with me only to leave me behind.  She sparkled and glistened with the water beneath her. Spreading her wings she was off, leaving me only with a memory to take to my studio to draw.

The Sparkling Crowned Egret

Today, while walking I saw a great white egret. In front of me she stood with amazing grace and stillness. Following her lead I mindfully stilled myself and observed the varied shades of white that embraced her, I watched as her crown sparkled from the golden sun.   With the details of my view fixed in my mind I began to move on, wondering just how long she would remain still.