Drawing Works of Nature

Fine Art by Barbara Gurry Rowell

The Sparkling Crowned Egret

Today, while walking I saw a great white egret. In front of me she stood with amazing grace and stillness. Following her lead I mindfully stilled myself and observed the varied shades of white that embraced her, I watched as her crown sparkled from the golden sun.   With the details of my view fixed in my mind I began to move on, wondering just how long she would remain still. 


The Bird That Changed My Mind.


Discouraged with how life was going way back in July, I stopped posting on my blog.  Computer woes,  hackers trying hard to hack,  the elections,  all left me wondering why bother?  It seemed everywhere I turned I found anxiety.   Running away to Neverland sounded like a good option.  But, one day on a slow long walk in the woods a black-capped chickadee changed my mind.  Right out of my hand she ate and chirped and just like that  life was spectacular.

Crow On My Porch.


Flying songbirds hop, skip and fly away but crow decided to stay.  He stood still, without a flinch, so still crow stood staring at me I thought he might not be real. How long crow stared was long enough to begin to make me uneasy.  So, I stomped my foot, jumped and twisted but still crow stood and stared.  For sure crow is not real I thought and then finally he walked away.

The Chirp That Got Me Thinking!


Recently,  chirps and tweets can be heard where ever my day takes me. These small songbirds are presenting themselves to me around every corner.  The other day a small blackbird stood motionless on my balcony for so long I thought he couldn’t be alive.  What is this most peculiar new chirp, tweet presentation all about?  I wonder if drawing will help me get the message.

She sang in the city.

Uninhibited she resonated her clear and precise song high above the city streets.  My ears followed her voice, she stopped, silently she sat perched in the tree outside my studio. Wow I thought, how could this be more perfect.

Life without a songbird.

  Today, on earth day I stopped to think about a world without a song bird.  I wondered how many people take the time to be grateful for a surprise flutter or chirp, or how many have a daily practice to care for the environment they live in. I hope most everyone.

A Visit To The Sanctuary.


An occasional  visit to the bird sanctuary is always a motivating adventure to hurry me along to another bird drawing.  A quiet prevails within and only whispers can be heard among the visitors, the stillness is captivating.  The devotion of the volunteers admirable.  Perched above on a slim branch a night-heron caught my eye.  Without any movement he waited for his freedom.