Panic and calm

by Barbara Gurry/rowell

For as long as I can remember I have brought my pen, pencil or paint to paper daily. Doing so keeps me calm as well as dedicated to the process of my fine art. Panic and anxiety will overcome me when life circumstances come into play and prevent me from this routine.
My road trip from Florida to New England  started out with great expectations to gather photos and sketches for my reference material, but I can feel some anxiety rising because my time is being used to search the paths and shorelines to no avail. Where are the birds? I hear sweet melodies and loud gulls serenading me, but no where have I seen a bird. It’s the yin and the yang, if I stop and listen their music calms me and I can sense my creative right-sided brain is dreaming something up. I know this routine, so I  allow myself the joys of nature, gather what ever material I can and wait. I say goodbye to the anxiety as I meander down the next trail.   This is a lesson to go with nature’s flow and practice  my patience.